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Tiff Pdf Cleaner detects and deletes blank pages in scanned (tiff or pdf) files. It works fully automatically and can process images recursively (sub-directories as well as directories). You just select the folders with your scanned files and in few minutes get the same folders without a single blank page! The tool keeps folder structure in the output location. Tiff Pdf Cleaner can also delete unnecessary border from your scanned files making them look more accurate. Tiff Pdf Cleaner supports color PDF/A and bitonal TIFF documents. Besides, Tiff Pdf Cleaner can convert tiff to pdf or pdf to tiff if you like. All that is done in few clicks due to well-thought interface.

For detailed information of Tiff PDF Cleaner, please refer to the website of Softplicity. If you find bigger discount code of Tiff PDF Cleaner elsewhere, please let us know, thank you!
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