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Beauty Studio 5 (CD) discount code
Beauty Studio 5 (CD) promo code

Beauty Studio 5 (CD) coupon

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2 in 1 plus Bonus - An easy way to the new look!

A way to a new look can be long and hard. Your dream hair cut doesn’t suit your face, the new hair color doesn’t harmonize with your eyes, and the new lipstick leaves you look pale… Have you already experienced it?

Such disasters belong to the past for you if you use Beauty Studio 5. Even the most risky changes, unusual hairstyles, make up ideas from the trendy magazines can be tried out as easy as removed again.

Kraze discount code
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Kraze coupon

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KRAZE is a 3d game of its own kind. No parallels, no verticals come close in comparison. A visual delight, a story unfolds tantalizing racing enthusiasts to join the race of their lifetime. With the most powerful race cars you compete to conquer the Kraze championship followed by the challenging street races. The prospect of racing against the wildest of racers in the toughest of racing fields of the world is too tempting to resist. Spell binding visuals cut to the fusion of hip hop, trance and rock add to the adrenalin rush.

Kraze Championship includes various racing clubs which include Mud Race, Rally and F1. Designed to test racing skills in all ranges (open and closed) irrespective of the track KRAZE is first of its kind that engages the gamer into navigating the slippery slide of the mud race into the cross country maze of hilly terrain, the shimmering mirage of the desert sands before it pits you against the pros of Formula1.

Last but not the least; you take on the street smarts on their own turf. Do they stand a chance? It’s for you to know and for them to find out.


Salient Features

  • All genres of racing encompassed i.e., field, country side, stadium and city streets
  •  8 racing  tracks
  • 13 turbo charged cars
  • Start your career by creating a profile to win the Kraze championship
  • Various Race Clubs and Challenges
  • Winning is as a stepping stone into the next level
  • Quick Race mode puts you in  a level at random
  • Mix of various music genres.
  • Total Game play duration for the average player – an estimated 3 hours
SoftXpand Duo Pro - 4 Users discount code
SoftXpand Duo Pro - 4 Users promo code

SoftXpand Duo Pro - 4 Users coupon

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SoftXpand Dou Pro is a software product that enables 2-4 users to work on a single computer simultaneously. Each user can run HD videos, games and applications independently.

Instead of paying $2,000-$3,000 for 3 new computers, simply install SoftXpand and turn your computer into 4 computers in a fraction of the cost!

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